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શ્રીમતી શીતલ અભય દેસાઈ

શ્રીમતી શીતલ અભય દેસાઈ સ્વેચ્છિક સેવા નિવૃત થયાં....
અનેક શુભેચ્છાઓ.......સહ તેમના BIO DATA પર ઉડતી નજર ....એક  નાનકડી ઝલક........
Name:                                         Ms. Shital Abhay Desai
Education qualification:         B.A……M.A…..Mphil….(ENGLISH)……..PGCertificate in Teaching
                                                     English…..PG Diploma in Teaching English…….
 Experience:                             Worked as lecturer in English………at
                                                  Bahauddin Arts college   -Junagadh
                                                 Bahauddin science college-Junagadh
                                                 Mahila Arts & coomerce college-Junagadh
                                                 Mahila Mahavidyalaya Vadodara
                                                 V.P.& RPTP Science college Vallabh Vidhyanagar
                                                  Mahila college Vadodara.
 Research Work:-                  M.Phil dissertation on “R.K.Narayan’s ‘Malgudi Days’ : A critical   study “
                                  A research project on ‘A study of pronunciation of English loan   words in   Gujarati’(with reference to their assimilation and modification), accepted by CIEFL-Hyderabad.

 Other Educational Qualifications :-

                                 Have passed ‘Kovid’examination conducted by Rastra Bhasa      Prachar Samiti in    1977,standing first in the centre.

                                Have passed ‘Ratna’ examination conducted by Rastra Bhasa  Prachar Samiti in 1980, standing first in Gujarat.

                                          Have passed ‘Praveshika Purna’(musical vocal).

Courses and Seminars :-
                                             Attended an orientation course at academic staff collage, Rajkot
                                             Attended a refresher course at Saurashtra University.           Rajkot.
       Attended a workshop on ‘Strategies for developing rapid reading skill and     testing of comprehension ‘ at S.N.D.T.
      Attended a National Conference on ‘Critical appraisal of post independence       Indian fiction in English organized by Saurashtra University and presented a paper entitled ‘R.K.Narayan’s art of story telling’.
                                       Attended a refresher course at University of Poona-Pune
                             Attended a seminar-cum-workshop on ‘Teaching Language and Literature’           organized by Saurashtra University
                                   Attended a seminar on ‘professional writing’ at M.S.University
                                   Attended a refresher course at ASC-Rajkot
                                   Attended a national conference on ‘Comparative literature’
                                      Presented a paper on ‘The theme of death in English and Gujarati poetry.’
                                 Attended a refresher course at ASC-Ahmedabad
Publications :-

                                   A review on ‘Shrinking Horisons’ by Kulbhushan Kushal (Nirman   publication, Bhatala) is published in an international ‘The Quest’, June 1991.
                              A short story ‘Prank ‘ is published in  ‘The Quest’, June 1991.
                                 A review on ‘Bubbles’ by Ananya Shankar Guha is published ,’The Quest’.
                                A review on ‘Drops of Honey’ by J.Krithia (K.Jagannath, Baglore) is published in ‘The Quest’, June 1993.
                                A poem entitled ‘You’ published in ‘The Quest’. Dec-2000.
 A radio talk on R.K.Narayan’s ‘Malgudi Days’ was broadcasted from A.I.R. Rajkot on 19-7-1992.
                                Translated a book ‘Aum Therapy’ from Gujarati into English, which is published by ‘Aum Yoga Kendra’ Vadodara in 2002.
                              Creative writing in Gujarati:  -
 A poem and an article are published in ‘V-Vidyanagar’ April 2005 and June 2005 respectively.
  An article is published in Drashti (a magazine for higher education), March 2005.
                        A review in ‘Bhumiputra’ and ‘vicharvalonu’, 2005.

Awards, Prises,Scholarships :-
                                   Winner of Shankracharya Gold Medal as ‘Best student’ for the year 1983.
                                    Winner of three awards from Board for being second in the board ,and for being second in the subject Hindi and History at H.S.C. examination.
                             College merit scholarship holder through out college career.
                             National merit scholarship holder through out college career.
                         Winner of Jethalal Joshi Award as well as a special award from Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti, Junagadh, for standing first in Gujarat in ‘Ratna’.
                                     Recipient of an award of Honour from Ahir Kanya Kelavani Mandal, Junagadh for obtaining M.Phil Degree.
   Extracurricular activities :-

                             Have won various prizes at debate, drama, essay, and Garba competition from local to regional level.


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