Wednesday, September 20, 2017

(૧૦૦)..Raatan Tata.

૨૦/૦૯/૨૦૧૭..(૧૦૦)..Raatan Tata.

                        સંકલિત......                                ચિત્ર સૌજન્ય:ઈન્ટરનેટ  

"YOU COULD BE SHAMELESS,                                                                                           I AM NOT ..!!! "
                  Lines by Ratan Tata.

Few months after 26/11, Taj group of Hotels owned by TATAs
launched their biggest tender ever for remodeling all their Hotels
in India and abroad. Some of the companies who applied for that tender were also Pakistanis. To make their bid stronger, two big industrialists from Pakistan visited Bombay House ( Head office of Tata ) in Mumbai without an appointment to meet up with Ratan Tata since he was not giving them any prior appointment. They were made to sit at the reception of Bombay house and after a few hours a message was conveyed to them that Ratan Tata
is busy and can not meet anyone without an appointment.
Frustrated, these two Paki industrialists went to Delhi and thru their High Commission met up with a Minister. The minister Anand Sharma immediately called up Ratan Tata requesting him to meet up with the two Paki
Industrialists and consider their tender "enthusiastically ". Ratan Tata replied..."you could be shameless, I am not" and put the
phone down. Few months later when Pakistani government placed an order of Tata Sumo's to be imported into Pakistan, Ratan Tata refused to ship a single vehicle to that country. This is the respect and love for motherland that Ratan Tata has. Something that our current Politicians should learn from. Hats off to you sir..
Awake Country men, the Nation is above everything else.


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